What is important here?

Principle 1: Quality matters.

The build quality does not have to be perfect, but it has to be really (really) good. Everything here is hand built, custom made, and hopefully it shows. Rather than seeking things that look like the came out of a factory, I suggest taking joy in things that show workmanship, creativity, and craft.

Principle 2: All wood has value.

I work with reclaimed wood that was destined for a burn pile. I seek out Ash from trees taken down by the Emerald Ash Borer. I keep and salvage cutoffs and try my hardest to buy locally, ethically sourced woods. And when I need hinges or other metal parts, I try and find reclaimed or reused parts.

Principle 3: Imperfection is beautiful

I believe in the Japanese idea of Kinitsugi, or embracing flaws to find beauty. The idea comes from putting broken pottery back together with gold. It makes it stronger, and shows the beauty of reclamation. I work with voids, imperfections, and patterns in the wood in a way that, I believe, makes things both authentic and more beautiful.